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When you are planning the trip of a lifetime, the last thing you want to think about is what could happen if you had to cancel the trip because of an illness or unexpected emergency. What if you got injured or sick while overseas?  No one can predict the future and although travel insurance is optional, it is a necessity if you want peace of mind knowing you have protected your investment. 

Travel insurance can provide coverage in the event of illness, injury or death that causes you to cancel your trip.  It can also cover your expenses in the event that your flight is delayed due to severe weather. If your luggage is lost or stolen, or you are mugged, you could recoup some or all of your losses.

In a foreign country, chances are your health insurance will not cover you at all. Travel insurance can provide protection for you and your family in case you get sick or suffer an injury during your trip. It can cover medical and hospital expenses, emergency evacuation, etc. that could otherwise cost you up to the tens of thousands of dollars.

Travel insurance has other benefits too, such as 24 hour travel counselor services for emergency or last minute travel changes, such as re-booking flights, hotel reservations or ground trasportation, tracking lost luggage and more!  They also offer pre-trip travel advice such as visa and vaccine requirements, travel safety and health advisories, weather and currency information.

For peace of mind, be sure you have an adequate travel insurance policy before you leave home.  With travel insurance plans to meet virtually every budget and travelers’ unique needs, it’s important you know that your travel insurance plan is the correct one to cover your trip investment.

Whether you booked your trip through our agency or not, we can help you determine and obtain the travel insurance coverage your trip requires.  Call us or stop by the office to discuss your options!  863-382-6200 or 800-741-1282.